Thoughts on changing my surnameI’m getting married in nine months (is this real life?), and my impending nuptials are making me have all kinds of thoughts about changing my surname to my married name.

Lately when I create online accounts, it seems silly to me to be using my maiden name and email address with my current surname. Isn’t one of the greatest schleps of marriage supposed to be the process of changing your ID, driver’s licence, bank documentation etc to your new married name? I kind of feel like I should be starting now and moving all my online accounts over to my ‘married email address’ in anticipation- or am I being pedantic? I’ve seen loads of married women using their ‘maiden email addresses’ years after they got married – I guess it’s too much of a mission to change everything?

The business of leaving my family’s name behind also feels pretty strange. It’s been “me” for my entire life. Obviously I’m not defined as a human being by my name, but you know what I mean! I spoke to a woman the other day who said that when she got married she had a bit of an identity crisis for the first few months. She said it was almost like she’d left part of herself behind and had abandoned her family. Did anyone else feel like that?

I guess I’d better get used to being called ‘Mrs Hogarth’. Oh my gosh, that looks and sounds so strange! What is this life!