You may have just noticed that Teacups and Typewriters has had a complete re-vamp over night! Well, this happened on Sunday afternoon actually. It’s not 100% where I’d like it to be yet, but I’ll be working on it slowly but surely!

My blog isn’t the only thing that’s getting a shiny and new look and feel, because I’m gathering home office makeover ideas too!

I spend a fair amount of my downtime on Pinterest, drooling over all the pretty home offices out there. I’m jealous. I need a pretty home office for myself. Here are some of my favourite pictures that I’ve pinned so far, and they all have three things in common: light, bright, and white. And super organised too. 

So over the next couple of weeks I plan to start accumulating all the goodies I’ll need to re-do my office space at home. I am excited! 

 What does your home office look like? Any tips or recommended places to buy nice stationery and other office goodies?