I met @greenlydia on Twitter a few years ago and we’ve been chatting ever since. Our wavelengths crossed on the internet and I guess you could say the rest is history.

We’d made plans to meet in the past that had always fallen through (probably because Lydia spends more time travelling for work than she spends at home), until we finally met for my birthday in June this year. We got on like a house on fire in real life just as much we did online. And we knew we had to do it again soon.

Michelle's birthday at The Steamworks in Fourways

So the second time round we organised what was supposed to be a braai but instead turned into the most delicious bacon and butternut dish for lunch. There was also the freshest, frutiest Pimms cocktail/punch in our glasses, followed by two rounds of brownies and ice cream for dessert (recipes to follow).

We had such a great time at their fantastic little house (in the middle of no where, might I add) that I decided it needed to be blogged about. Also, side note: Lydia and her husband Oscar have renovated and decorated their house in the most delightful way. I can’t fathom why she hasn’t blogged about it and shared pictures of their decor with us all, because it’s freaking spectacular. Please join me in nagging her to please, please do a home decor blog post. I volunteer myself to come and take pictures if necessary.

I’ll begin to document the loveliness of their home here: we had lunch seated at a beautifully understated table that Lydia had set up for us. Look at how pretty she made it!

All in all, we had such a fantastic time. We even took spontaneous a trip to a nearby ghost town, got super freaked out and then stopped at a roadhouse for chips and milkshakes because, why not?

The moral of the story: it’s okay to make friends on the internet. In fact, I’d encourage it. Some of the most exceptional people I know are one’s that I’ve met through blogging or on Twitter, and Lydia and Oscar are proof of that. So here’s to making friends on Twitter!