It’s finally the day we’ve been waiting for since the first cold front hit. It’s the day I’ve been dreaming of since the grass turned brown and all the flowers died, since I packed all my summer dresses away in favour of unflattering onesies, and since the dry skin set in for the winter months.


Are we excited? I’m excited. So excited, in fact, that I’ve put together a list of 10 things to do to get you in the zone for Spring:

1. Clean out your wardrobe.
Go through your wardrobe and toss out any old winter clothes that you didn’t wear this season and pack the rest away. Bring out the sandals, shorts, and dresses!

2. Exfoliate and moisturise
Winter is gone and now all the dead, dry skin needs to be gone too. Invest in a yummy body scrub and work it all over your body the next time you shower. End off with some body lotion – your skin will thank you! You’re now well on your way to having that fresh Spring glow.

Try this Sorbet Sea Botanicals body scrub. You’ll feel like you’ve just come back from vacation!


3. Give yourself a pretty manicure.
Try one of these pretty Spring pastel shades from Essence cosmetics!


Left: 40 Play with my mint; Middle: 21 A whisper of Spring; Right: 24 Indian Summer

4. Spend some time outside.
There’s nothing quite like feeling the fresh Spring air on your skin. Go for a walk – take the dogs with you too! Sit and have your Saturday morning coffee out on the patio and regenerate! If you’re looking for a really nice place to spend a Sunday with the family, try the Irene Dairy farm. 


5. Freshen up your living space.
A Spring clean never hurt anyone – spend some time de-cluttering your living space and brighten it up with some pretty colours. You could do something as simple as getting a fresh bouquet of flowers, or getting a few bright new throw pillows for the lounge!

Pinterest is great for getting ideas – check out this pin from

6. Organise a day out in the sun.
A picnic, a braai, a Heritage Day pool party perhaps? Don’t forget, Thursday 24 September is a public holiday!  Invite your friends to join you. Indulge in cocktails and boerewors rolls. Sink your toes into the grass and soak up some Vitamin D – I bet you need it after the past few months of indoor hibernation!

7. Make a really delicious, healthy salad.
I don’t know about you, but I tend to ditch eating salads in winter. It’s just too cold and soup prevails! But in the warmer weather, a colourful salad can be really refreshing. Think sesame seeds, peppadews, bacon bits, balsamic vinaigrette, and peppers of all colours. You know what I’m talking about. Delicious. 


8. Change your bedding.
Chances are you’ve had a thick, bulky duvet (or three) on your bed all winter, along with those thick winter sheets. Banish them! It’s time to bring out those crisp, freshly washed sheets that let you breathe at night.

9. Plant something. Anything. 
Nurture a little seedling to life. Kidney beans are always a favourite of mine, but going to the nursery and picking up a tray of pretty seedlings would be lovely as well!


10. Assess your goals for the rest of the year and write a fresh to-do list. 
We’re on a steep down hill from now until December. What did you want to achieve this year? What progress have you made? If you’ve been slacking, now’s a great time to re-boot and re-energise your drive!

How will you be welcoming the new sunny season? Let me know in the comments!